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Minicaps and Ltcclab offers Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) systems. Minicaps offers prototyping and manufacturing services of LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) multi-layer substrate & packaging technology for a wide range of applications. Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) materials systems offer the highest performance packaging solutions for high-frequency devices in a wide variety of wireless, telecommunication, microwave, automotive, professional electronics, LTCC Blue tooth, Antenna Module, Transmitter, Power Amplifier, Filter Component, Duplexer Switch, and other application


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Manufacturer LED Module and LED light products for General lighting applications. 

1. LED Lamps with gooseneck and Spring clip (49 types).

2. LED lamps with Flexible tube or Gooseneck (50 types). Click here for more.

3. LED for signs, Backlights, channel letter and Traffic signal. LED light products available in colors: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, and Green.

4. LED for General Lighting and Decoration, available with 3, 6 and 9  high power LED (45 types).

5. LED light products available in colors: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, and Green.

6. Illuminate highways and freeways signs using High power LED product (27 types). Click here for more.

7. Lighting bar for parking Garage  3 to 12 feet bar with high power LED heads lamp, each head can be with single or double sides light source 

8.  Cost-effective traffic signal lamps using LED (light-emitting diodes)

9. LED desk lamps

10. LED wall lamps

11. LED table lamps

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LED Run Lights introducing a unique energy efficient The LED designed  with exceptional heat dissipating capabilities and high efficient thermal management that increasing the LED performance. Designed and manufacture the LED lens with special material that will not change the optical characteristics during time.