LTCC Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic, Thick film printing,  Ceramics substrates and LTCC ceramics parts.

Minicaps     LTCC- Low Temperature Co-fired CeramicMade in USA  




LTCC  Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic

LTCC Design Rules

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic LTCC in 3D 

Machining ceramics parts LTCC material

Cooling tunnels for heat managements


SLCC Single Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

MLCC  Multi Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

HVCC High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Minicaps offers  prototyping and manufacturing services Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) systems. Multi-layer substrate & packaging technology for a wide range of applications. Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) materials systems offer the highest performance packaging solutions for high-frequency devices in a wide variety of wireless, telecommunication, microwave, automotive, Electronics ( LTCC Blue tooth, Antenna Module, Transmitter, Power Amplifier, Filter Component, Duplexer Switch, and more).


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